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Custom Molding Of Disposable Endoscope Componenets for the Medical/Optics Industry

ProPlas Technologies was hired by a customer in the medical/optics industry for the design and manufacturing of the plastic components of a disposable endoscope. This highly precise, multipart device is used to view inside of a body cavity or organ. Based upon customer requirements, we designed these highly intricate components with DFM (Design for Manufacture) in mind and selected PC/ABS alloy as the production material. An LED, camera, and two mirrors were incorporated into the design of the smallest component (3mm diam. x 2.5mm tall). Various sizes of electric injection molding machines were utilized in the molding of these components and micro-molding of the smallest component. The tightest tolerance of ±0.0002" was achieved in production. Pad printing was used to imprint the branding and identification markings.

Final dimensions of the endoscope were 24" in length, with a smallest diameter of 3mm and a larger diameter of ¾". Dimensional and visual testing procedures were implemented to verify accuracy. This project met customer specifications as well as FDA, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards covering medical devices. Turnaround time for the design work was 5 weeks, tooling 14 weeks and production leadtimes are 4 to 5 weeks, with shipments to the customer for incorporation into the finished assembly and subsequent shipment throughout the USA.

For more details about medical device component design, molding and fabrication, or the other capabilities available please see the table below or contact us directly.

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Custom Molding of Disposable Endoscope Project Highlights

Product Description
Custom molding of disposable endoscopes components (multiple parts) for the medical industry.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
  • Design
  • Molding/Micro Molding
  • Decorating- Pad Printing/Branding/Identification
  • Labeling/Packaging
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
30-ton, 65-ton and 85-ton Electric Molding Machines
Individual Part Dimensions
Length: 24"
Small Diameter: 3mm
Big Diameter: ¾"
Tightest Tolerances
Material Used
PC/ABS alloy
In process testing/inspection performed
Dimensional Testing
Visual Testing
Industry for Use
Delivery/Turnaround Time
Production: 4-5 weeks
Delivery Location
Standards Met
Customer Specifications, 2D QA Drawings, 3D database
FDA, ISO 9001, ISO 13485

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